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Monday, November 12, 2012


WOW!.... I feel So loved ...... All of your birthday emails to me were 
the BEST!....I am SO blessed:)  Reading all of those was the BEST! .... 
And mom!!!! DAD!........ That Bracelet and those earrings are 
BEAUTIFUL!!!!........... Thank you SOOOOOOOOO SO MUCH!!!!.. I absolutely 
LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!! you have NO idea.......ah.....Thank YOU!!!!!... 
I will take SUCH good care of them!!..
So this week was INCREDIBLE!!! (well,.... Every week is ... 
buuuuuuuuuuuuut  hey!  Ain't nothing wrong with that=) ..)
So my Birthday was AWESOME!.. Oh my Goodness. I have the best companion 
anyone could possibly ask for. This little lady sister Burtis got up 
early to make me a chocolate chocolate cake and chocolate chip pancakes 
for breakfast!!! :O  And she had Sister Hodder sneak me my birthday 
present, CHOCOLATE BARS!!!!!  .. Sigh....:) She knows me so well :)))) 
Good thing she has a chocoholic problem like me so we can share=) hehe.  
She's the best though, Love her so much.
Then we went to Church and Sister Loreen was like, Hey I need to see you 
and the elders in a room for a second to talk to you? I'm like... 
ummmmmmmmmm... SWEET! .. She wants to tell us she has more service!
Then I walked in there and  they started singing to me. They brought me 
a cake that had  my name on it also! I feel so loved. The daughter in 
law works at a bakery here and made it for me.
So BASICALLY! it was the best birthday EVER!!
Then, at Church, Sister Bungan of course came with Eric, and her other 
two little ones.... (Augustine didn't come cause he got a little drunk 
... :/ ... Said he had only TWO smokes though!... so that's good, he'll 
get it though, we had incredible faith in him and his desire is 
incredibly strong. But then Bungan's other two sons came!  ROY and 
ASPIN!.. And Aspins Wife!!!... Roy has been inactive for 
YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went and visited them on Saturday and they 
came!!!  Ah .. Best birthday present EVER!!! It has just been TRULY a 
miracle to witness their family come together, piece by piece. ERIC gets 
baptized this Saturday! And Augustine, Aspin and Emedla are all on date 
for Decemeber 23th!! Just the father, Brother Icing (ee ch ing).  He 
listens to every lesson but never speaks! Not too long though not too 
OH!...And SO! funny....We finally got to have a meeting with president 
Atos and sister Burtis and I were like...... PRESIDENT!... Did you know 
that The Book of Mormon is Coming out in MALAY next month?  He's like, 
"Ya. .. I'm helping with the translation."  SO COOL!!.. And we wondered 
why he was always so busy to meet with us. lol. Awkward. so basically we 
think he's famous now:)  he's working on the doctrine and covenants now 
with some other branch presidency members.
Oh! And we cooked some American food with Sylvesters family on Friday 
because Roger has been BEGGING for it. So we made some corn dogs and 
French fries!!.. haha so healthy right? .. We made like 30 and a huge 
bag of fries and they were DOWNED!!.. The little girl Olivia can sure 
put away.
It just broke my heart because Sis. Burtis said that she opened their 
fridge and the only thing that was in there was water.  Last fast Sunday 
their whole family didn't show up to church and when we asked why 
Sylvester told us it's because they didn't have enough money to get 
everyone there by bus. Talk about heart breaking. It was fast Sunday and 
of course Sylvester paid his fast offerings, and then after paying, 
didn't even have enough to get everyone to church. 
I love you all Immensely though!!
Sorry I couldn't send any pictures of my birthday.. My camera broke :/ 
... the water got to it and I don't have a waterproof case. ....... rats.
Oh! I lied! the only thing i want for Christmas is some mosquito 
repellant... the green flat spray bottle.. not to big.. know the one? 
haaha thanks!=)
Love you All and I cannot wait for my little bullet to come out! ... 
that picture of Marissa and Taylor... :O  WOW!>.. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!....:) 
Love you love you love you
dengan Kasih,
Sister Brookie Blauer:)

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