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Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012
Ah!  How is my Wonderful Family!?!? .. I LOVE hearing from you every week ...
Pictures here are of Sister Burtis and I. Sister Burtis and I get along GREAT! .. I also think it's because we both have the desire to be obedient, which makes things a lot easier! .. I am so blessed to have her as a Trainer.
So this past week we went to Singapore! WAY awesome! Met tons of new people on the MRT and got a lot of referrals.. our Zone Conference was AMAZING TOO!... Gave me a lot of reminders and things that I need to work on individually and as a companionship. ... President Mains also gave us the goal to Have a white Christmas .. Meaning having one family ready for baptism by Christmas and another ready for the temple! ... .. SO excited!!
I honestly Love the work out here though.. And the people are INCREDIBLE! .. such faith it would take to be a convert .. I look up to all of you converts out there!
WE were going to have a baptism this Saturday but our little Eric is learning slowly.. He has a hard time grasping concepts and retaining them ...  We've had to review the Plan of Salvation about 3 times already lol. .. It's okay though! He has a strong desire and has been coming to church! .. We'll just have to push his baptism back a week.
As for Delianus! .. AMAZING!!.. SO ready and so prepared! ...  He just needs to get work off so that he can come to church. ... People here have to go 4 times at least before they can be baptized. ..  SO we keep praying that his boss will let him change his schedule so he can come!!! .. He said that he has found the book though! .. Like... It's complete now and that it all makes sense!   ahhh:)  He's so right! ....  He said that he knows he has to follow it to go to heaven. .. He is so great!
Ah! I hate to do this! But I spent literally ALL of my time Trying to upload all of those stinking pictures!!  .. My time is out for emailing for the week.... :(
I love you all DEARLY!!!!! LOVE BROOKIE!!!

p.s. what was all of your favorite talks from conference!?!?!!? we watch the next half next week!!  AHHHH it was all SO incredible!!!.. I'll have to tell you more in detail next email cause I'm out of time!! LOVE YOU!!!

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