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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nama Berita!! ( In the Language of Iban)
AHH!!.. I CANNOT believe that my whole family is in ITALY, GREECE, TURKEY, and... whatever other country that was that you went to!! lol. ... bahhh... I hope you and my crazy grandmas and Great Aunty Nena are LOVING it out there!!.. SO happy for you!!!.... :))) .... better send me something cool though! :p hehe. .. The pictures look ABsolutely STUNNING!
WOW! So this week has been..........  just..... COnstant answers to our prayers! It has been truly a Miracle to witness everything that I have this past week. .. We had our baptism Saturday which was ..... Incredible!!...SO full of love. .. Watching 7 out of the 8 family members get baptized!.... (one of them is 3 years old lol) ..... truly a miracle! .. And even more so was the miracle listening to them receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and listening to their blessings! ... BAHHH soOO cool!!...  Haha I couldn't understand MOST of what they were saying in Malay/Iban .. buuuut my companion wrote a lot of it down and told me=) ... Basically this family is... KINGDOM BUILDERS!!... ..... In every single one of the kids blessings it said that they would serve missions! .. all 4 boys and even the little girl Olivia!! ... There was many other things said in their blessings that just gave me chills! .. But.... wow. .. This truly is the best part of missionary work. .. Seeing other choose to Come unto Christ and be baptized in his name and then have the desire to serve him to the end. ...So beautiful. ...  PIctures shall be enclosed=)
We only get and hour on the comp to do everything including writing our mission pres. .. So hopefully I have time to send them!
Also! we had an AMAZING day this week on Wednesday!! (everyday is great, but ya know what I mean ;) .. )
In weekly planning we set that day aside for less active finding over in the Tudan area (our other area we have yet to explore)
That morning I had read the scripture in Alma when he was praying for his people and how they had gone astray and pleaded with the Lord to help bring his people back .. And when he had finished with his prayer he got up and began clapping and awoke his disciples and they gave no thought as to what to eat or what to wear and then just left!  .. Knowing that the Lord would be with them as they went and taught their people again...
So we go to this area in hopes to find this particular house on the less active list.  ....  We LITERALLY.. Rode our bikes 3 hours!!!... And all along the way we had to ask everyone!!.. Where is Phase 6?? How do we get to Phase 6?? I Honestly felt like I was traveling through time or something haha  SO funny! ... But these people along the way  were like angels guiding us... And just as my companion and I were about to give up...   .. (the sun was going down soon and you don't want to be in tudan at night) ... we decided to go for another 20 minutes ............. 5 minutes later I turned into this path that led to the HOUSe! ....  it didn't have an address or anything. .. It was practically falling apart! lol. ... But it was the RIGHT HOUSE! .... The parents were not home but we taught the daughter!!!..... SHe was WONDERFUL!.... It was SO sad though because she had gotten baptized 6 years ago and had forgotten how to pray!!!!!! .. She had forgotten who Joseph Smith was and EVERYTHING! .... ah... my heart just broke for her! ...  It makes me think what could have happened in these past 6 years to of made her family go so inactive! ...... So we taught her and the spirit was incredible! ....  And we hope to meet with her family this week!!  (the 3 hour bike trip was definitely worth it!! )
After wards we WEnt to the Emart!!  (our hunger always leads us to finding lost souls!=) mwahaha ) .... SO we get there and find fruit and vegetables GALOUR!!!.. we had never seen so much and for SO CHEAP!!!!!.  We had been STARVING these past two weeks cause members don't feed you here like all the other areas in this mission! lol. ..  And GROcery Shopping is MAHAL!!! (expensive) .... So basically.... this was heaven to us!! lol. ... I went in search for a mangosteen because I had always wanted to try one.. .. And when we found them the lady said, would you like to try some? and we're like OF COURSE! ... And then we of course asked her if she was christian and she said,.. why yes,... I'm actually a member of your church!!!!!....... She was a PIONEER HERE! ... was baptized 15 years ago when the church started here but has gone inactive!! .....  She then proceeded to give us an ENTIRE bag of TWELVE mangosteens!!! ... (VERY VERY MAHAL!! .. And an ENTIRE case of DURIAN(the stinky fruit which was AMAZING!!) ..Which is ALSO very very MAHAL!!)...... and she insisted that we take it!! NO one here gives food!! ..... It was JUST like that scripture I had read that morning about give no thought about what you should eat!! ......... This lady was INCREDIBLE TOO!!>. WOW! ... WE HOPe to meet with her again!!... She said she would want to meet up with us for breakfast or lunch! .. Unfortunately... we'll have to pass her off to the Chinese elders... tear ;( ...
So after that we had dinner than as we were about to leave (my hunger led us somewhere else again haha) ... Back to go get some bananas that we could actually afford with the support we get! .. on our way back we heard someone call out,... SISTERS!!... we turn around and meet ANOTHER Inactive member!  Nikolas! ... He Works offshore! .. which is always very very difficult because men will be gone for months and months at a time! .. But anyway we talked to him and his 3 friends that work off shore! .... ANd he came to Church on Sunday!!... as Did An ENTIRE other LESS active family that's in our area!! .. over by the flats!! .. And then 2 OTHER inactives came also!!.. The Branch presidency had a HUGE smile upon their faces when they saw the inactives there! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!.... AH!.... This Church Really is true!! ... And The Lord needs ALL of us to constantly be listening to the Holy Ghost so that we can help Shepard others!! .. And find those who have gone astray and to find those who need to hear about our CHurch!!

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