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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

hoW IS IT THERE UP YONDER IN THE LAND OF RIVERsssss and tons? Tons of rivers? ... :p
I hope well:) i actually just sent you (family) a letter about and hour ago, so you should receive it tomorrow! .. i put my SD card in there so make sure you get it back to me before i leave the country ;) also, Will you be peaches and sent me maybe like.... two 8 Gigs.. or one 16? ... whatever you think would be best. .. I'm just trying to figure out how I can best maintain and preserve my pictures over the next year and a half.
So this week has been WoNDErful!!!.... I feel like our lessons are going better and better and we are getting more familiar with teaching the people rather than the lessons. ..I think it may also help a wee bit that the language is coming along =) .. haha. .. It is SOOOOO COOOOOLLL!!!!!!! ... Because when the teacher talks now... i understand about 85% of what he is saying, which is SUCh a huge blessing!!... Sigh.......... ... It started clicking more this past week! Which was a miracle... .. I still have to translate in my head everything buuuuuuutt... I'm getting quicker at translating so that's good! :) haha... i think I just try and focus TOOO hard sometimessss... and that is when I miss half of what is being said! lol. ..... So word to the wise ..... STOP FOCUSING SO HARD! ..... you'll miss half of it,... and then you'll develop wrinkles on your FOREHeAD!!.... =)
Also! pops hehe. .. Rakan saya ( My Companion) Wants you to send me the picture of her fb picture. lol.. she said she looks completely differently apparently, so she's reminding me to tell you right now lol.
So This past Sunday during our devotional when we usually have a speaker come and talk to us... Instead we were able to watch Thomas S. Monsons Birthday Celebration!!!!!!!.. OH My gOsh!!.. SOOOo GOOd!... ... I am in Love with that Opera Singers voice. .. Both of the male singers... WOW!... SO incredible!... Music is Incredible. .. Even more so, music that brings the spirit.
More so I am beginning to understand How the Spirit works. .. I find that as I practice recognizing the spirit and recording my experiences.. the Strong I am able to feel and follow the promptings. ... While I was in Thomas S. Monson's birthday Celebration I had a strong prompting come over me to act upon something .... so I of course did. ... If i hadn't of prayed before hand.. I don't think i would have been able to receive that spiritual prompting as easily,.. or I might not have been in the right mind set. . ... The Gift of the Holy Ghost is Such a powerful tool that each of us has the opportunity to receive and to use .. .. we MUST practice!! .. and We must always listen and heed the promptings of the Spirit. ... and not only that,... but let ourselves be open to feeling the spirit testifying of the truth of something.
I know these things that i say are true .. with every part of me i testify of the Book of Mormon and of the restoration of this Church through the Prophet Joseph Smith. .. I know that Christ died for each of us individually... For our pains, sorrows, hardships,.. EVerything... so that Our burdens may be lightened... IF we use His Atonement. ... He loves us all unconditionally and wants us to be happy .. and can help us to FEEL that happiness in our lives .. We just need to come unto Him.

I love you All. .. Have a mArvelous week:)
Love forever and Alwaysssss.. Sisssstaaaaaaaaa Blauer! =)))

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