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Monday, September 24, 2012

1st letter from Maylasia

OH. MY. WOW!!!!
Soooo HOly Crackers!.. It has been a crazy mind blowing,.. And Culture shocking WEeK!!........ I have NO clue where to even begin...
Sooo,.... We finally landed in Singapore on Wednesday at noon. .. CRAZY! I felt the humidity hit me.. without a doubt haha. .. But Not as bad as I had expected ... cant say the same for the elders though.... they were dripping :/ haha.
So we met our mission president and they're GREAT! Love them. So adorable. ... So we were all anticipating them to take us to an authentic place to eat.... and then they took us to burger king? haha. ... Then we went contacting on the MTR!!... like Singapore trax or Subway. .. .. So we contacted people in English cause everyone speaks English or Chinese in Singapore. ... And I was able to get my first number from a 19 year old girl!! .. She's Chinese speaking though so I passed her onto the Elders ... You'll See a pic of me with my first contact=)
Then the rest of that day was a total blur because I was so tired lol. ... So we slept at a hotel and then the next day we were going to have a devotional and then they were going to tell us where we were all going for our first area and who our new companions would be!! WE were DYING to know at this point!! lol. ... Sooooo like I said previously... ONe of the new training sisters there told us that 4 sisters would stay in Singapore, while the other 2 would go out to East Malaysia (east is where they speak Malay and there are a lot of Ebons)... And most the elders of course go to Malaysia. .. (Malaysia is generally not as safe and well.. there's also a lot more areas out there and also there are more elders than sisters.. so that makes sense) .. But anyway!!! ...
So they play the slideshow and show the area on the screen first then a picture of the trainer first and then the picture of the newby pops up next to them.. So for the sisters.. they had shown all the sisters that were going to Singapore...... Sooooooo YA! .. I at that point knew that I'd be goin out to Malaysia!! ha. ... Then the Area of MIRI came up ... And MY PIcture showed up to my trainers!!
BAHHHH!!>. SO YA!!! I'm In MIRI right now!!! lkjdfao zlkjvc ia jfkxcv ... haha. ./...... This place is a COMPLETE and TOTAL Culture change! ................................................... I am Seriously .. seriously in another world right now lol. ... ...
I'll describe this place! So Miri is in The "state of Sarawak which is in East Malaysia. .. East Malaysia is... Well.... All of Malaysia is an Islamic Nation. ...... This place is like.. very jungly?... But also very poor and dirty. .
... Before I got out to my mission.. Many R.M.'s told me that Sisters would gain like 20 pounds on their missions because members would just FEED them so much!!! ... EVen if they didn't have a lot of money. .. Just because they love missionaries and they love white people .. lol. .. SO that's like EVERy area right? Buuuuut NOT in MIRI lol. ... That is how Poor the people in our area are. .. They are very very humble people and live in very humble circumstances .. I'll show you pictures of the places and people as time goes on. .. So ya, needless to stay this place was completely different that what I thought it would be! ... Singapore was VERy Rich.. very developed,.. and VEry clean! .. Then I Fly into Miri and..... WOW...... SO dramatically different.....
We have to ride our bike 35 minutes to our area everyday .. We stay that far away because ... well.... it's probably safer where we're staying:)

.... It was SO funny haha because the first night I slept........... I woke up the next morning at like... 4:30!! ... (we don't wake up til 7 here) .. And I was like... SERIously?!? I was exhausted.. But my body thought it was day time .... Soooo while I'm laying there and at 5 in the morning................... I hear.... The Call to Prayer!................... I'm like.....??????? WhAT the FLiP is going on?? WHERE in the WORld Am I??? ................................... hahahaha.. OHhh my gosh... SOOOO funny!!! ... I LOVE it though.. it is SO pretty to hear. .. FIVE times a day too lol.

OH! and My COmpanion!! WOW!!!.. SHe is INCreDible!!.. I am SO blessed to have her as my Trainer! .. honest.. she's amazing. . Her name is Sister (Halley) Burtis From Enterprise, UT! ... SHe's been out about a year but is extending. .. She has served in Singapore, Kuala Lampur and Miri for 5 weeks thus far. .. We CRAZY crazy similar! .. It's insane. .. .Like we like the same things and everything and get along super well! SHe's wonderful. .. God truly blessed me with the perfect trainer for me.

So on to our investigators!! YAyyyy!!! =D =D .... So right off the bat when I got here my companion said we had a family of EIGHT!! getting baptized in a WEEK!!!! :D (The SYLVESTER family) ..... They are INCreDIBLE!! SUCh a wonderful wonderful family. .... They already give up SO much to get to church every week! ... 4 Ringets by bus for EACH person. .. Which is a LOT for them.. Sooo my first night of teaching I got to teach them the Law of Tithing! ... Which SO fortunately we were able to get a member there! Which is a MIRACLE! Absolute miracle .. .Tithing is already hard enough to teach people here with their circumstances ... ....So having a member being able to explain in EBON (their 1st language, even though they understand Malay) is a HUGE blessing. .... ... And it was incredible because they also said YES!!........ FULL heartedly without hesitation!..... I was blown away. .... Even their 15 year old son who works said he would pay his tithing after they were baptized!..... And the Spirit in that house was SO strong .... Like,.. You could feel Christ's love in there SO much!.... It was amazing.... I can't wait for this Saturday!! :)))) WE teach them again tonight tomorrow and Thursday!
I already love that family a lot...

So the area has a TON of non members... it is SO sad!.... So My companion and I's goal is to REACTIVE the MEMBERS!.. SO that we can build and strengthen the ward and the Neighborhood. .. I am SO excited!! ..
We also met A Lot of new People this week!!... SO many great people and Families that we were able to share the Gospel with and feel the spirit so strongly when we shared the story about Joseph smith. .. We will be visiting all of these families again this week for a second lesson! So I will let you all know how that goes next Monday!!=)

I love you all so Much family! And I can testify to you all that this is Christ's Church on the Earth again. .. I know it because I have ALREADY while being here.... Seen it change people lives ... And I have felt the witness of it's truthfulness through the Holy Ghost.

I love and miss you all.. .. Dengan Kasih,
Sister Blauer=)))

ps. .. mama dearest.... Thank you for the Birthday gifts in my bag:) ...... you are SO shneeky and So wonderful ... I love you .. and all of you!!......
p.s.s. mama can you make me a skymiles account for Cathay please? and get the miles on from L.A. to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Singapore... Singapore to Malaysia .. etc etc. .... i think I'll be flying a lot in these next years and a half .. for visa runs and what not ... .. Save Every Penny right!? =)

Love you!!

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