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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter #5

HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEMUA KAWAN DAN KELUARGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :DHaha How's it going!?I just want to say thank you ALL! FOr all of your love and support thus far with your sweet Letters and Dear Elders! You have NO idea how much they mean as missionaries!.. I never really realized until I became one! ... Mail time is THEE highlight of a missionaries day (Other than Teaching the Gospel of Course!! lol)So If some of you have written me and it's taken me a while to get back to you, pleeease be patient with me! I PROMISE to write back. .. They just don't give us any time to write, but I will do my best! I cherish every letter and dearelder I receive!!So Things here at the MTC have been WONDERFUL!!!. .. The weeks seem to be passing by quicker and quicker! .. I've gotten more into the swing of things, and the language is coming more! ..My companion and I had a wonderful opportunity of Teaching our Teacher brother Hormam who acted as an investigator he had in Malaysia..... This investigators name is Syafkad. ... SO KIND! .. Very shy. He was having some questions about the Prophet and we answered all of them and asked him to pray about Him and he did! :) ... This last lesson was a little different though... We taught about the Saviors Earthly Ministry and he read from Alma 7:11-14 .. The Spirit was SOOO Strong! And Testified of the truthfulness of the Scripture. ... after a moment of silence we asked him if he would follow Christ's example and be baptized by somebody holding the Proper Priesthood Authority. .. He gave it some serious thought and said he would think about it! He was confused because he said he had already gotten baptized into another church, and since our Malay isn't the greatest yet we had a harder time explaining in more depth.. So that is what we will be teaching him more about tomorrow!!........... Cool thing was was that afterwards we did a review with Brother Horman .. And he told us that that was the best lesson he has been given in Four Months!! ... We were STUnned!! Because we didn't think we did that well or taught very much! .... But In reality,.. the spirit was there, and when the Spirit is there...................... It's just.. Wonderful.So it was an amazing lesson... I cannot wait to get into the Field and feel that same feeling over and over again with the people we teach... .. It's going to be Incredible!!Also! Since its pday today we were able to go to the temple today. .. AMAZING!!! .. Always is though. .. The Temple is something I look forward to all week long. .. I know we won't be able to go out in Singapore So I'm cherishing every moment I have here! ...I know that the temple Is a place where we can remember our Covenants with the Lord and Strive to Live even better.. It is a place of learning.. A place of refuge and Comfort, and a place where we can Dwell In the Presence of The Godhead.I know that this is The Lord's Church on the Earth Today. .. And I feel So Honored to be a servant of the Lord. .. Not just now on my mission, but for the rest of my life.Love your little Sister Brookie Blauer! =)Bertahan Sampai Ahkir!!- The Book of Mormon is like using a Cheat Sheet for Video Games. .. WHy Wouldn't you use it!? :) - Elder Oliveres.. Singapore District- The Lord can do more with your life than you can... So let him!- Sanctify yourself so the Lord can work wonders through you!- Let the Book of Mormon be an AGENT, not an OBJECT.- The Key- God is willing to communicate with his children if they will pray in Faith.Kasih Sayang kamu Semua!!!

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