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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Letter #3

HELLO Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... :DSo, How is everything out there in the land of .. the outside of the Provo grounds? lol.I have received ALL of your beautiful and thoughtful Dear Elder letters......... Thank you SOOO so much! .. i Cherish EVERYOne that I receive from you. .. And appreciate all of the updates on the Olympics as well=) Woot woot Walsh and may! :D ..AH! Also! .. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so much for the Red Velvet TRUFFLES!?!?!?! BAHHHh .. You all are sO incredible and thoughtful... what would I do without you=) ... And thank you for the updates on the ipod ;) i cant wait to Blast Saber Rattlers with my companion in Singapore or Malaysia=))) ... .. And the PICTURES! Oh my word... haha .. My whole District had a bLAST looking at all of them since we can't print pictures here!P.s. .. Think I could get a picture of me and my Grandmas? .... Also, do you have any from the farewell, or frommmmm The day you dropped me off at the MTC? :)Annnd (Dad) - ... You never answered my question about the KEEN Sandles... I bought them from that R.E.I. Store over by the mall.. .. Are they too late to return?haha Really random buuuut I still do double takes on my tag like ALLLL the time!!! ... I'm like,... Am I really a missionary for the Lord right now? .. Is this really happening?..... I have dreamt of it for SO long... And now it's finally here!.. It is very surreal and bittersweet.So this past week has been wonderful!.... Pretty much the same events of course... Because we're in a training center!.. makes sense lol. But My Companion and I have been teaching an investigator (who is really our teacher Brother Pulver) lol. .. But he gets in Character of a man named Limbie who he taught in Malaysia. ... It was really funny because He wanted a picture of the Prophet so this time we remembered to bring one to our visit... But it was in a book of A bUNch of other pictures... along with a bunch of pictures of the temple and what's in the temple! lol. ... ... It is hard ENOUgh trying to give a lesson about Prophets and the Plan of Salvation in ANother language! ... But to then have your investigator start flipping through all of these pictures.... Brings up a HEck of a lot more questions! Which ANSwers.. we don't know yet in Malay!! lol..... Needless to say we used our English to malay dictionary a lot that lesson! lol. ..... Note to self...... NEVER Bring a book full of pictures to A Real Malaysian investigator!... They LOVE pictures lol (Says brother Pulver) .. haha It was funny though. We said we would talk about the Temple in meetings to come!So a song that we sing often here at the MTC is called "Army of Helaman" ... Excellent song for those of you who have never heard it!.... ... COOLEst part is though is that in the original version it says,... "And We will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth... "... But in the version that we sing here... Goes a lil' somethin like this :) .... "And we are NOW the Lord's missionaries to bring the World his Truth. .... " VERy very powerful song to be singing as missionaries! .. It definitely is a constant reminder as to why we are here. ... To bring Others unto Christ. .. We are here to Serve All of God's Children... . From Every nation, and of Every tongue.I love you all SO so very much!!!! ... And miss you tremendously. .. You give me comfort in times of discouragement and doubt, and are always there to lift me up!..Saya Tahi Bawaha Tuhan kasih kita semua.. Kita Adalah Roh Anak-Nya. .. Yesus Kristus Kematian Bagi Semua Bumia Dosa. .. Melalui Yesus Kristus Kita Boleh Kembalia Kepada Dia. .. Yesus Kristus Injil Adalah Benar. .. Saya Sebut Ini Dalam Nama Yesus Kristus Amin.Love Forever and ALways!!... Sister Brooke Blauer=)

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