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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

4th Letter and Pix

Apa Khabar semua!!!!! :D
How has everything been??? What's new? ..
Well over here, there ain't much that's new! haha. ... OOh! .. Except
that my companion was getting a bit congested, so we were able to walk
over (OFF CAMPUS!!) to the BYU CLINIC!.. HOLY mAcorONi!!... was the
WEIRD!!!!! haha... i felt like a very rebellious child or something haha
toooo funny. .. It was pretty neato going out of the MTC.. been a month
since I've seen people without some sorta badge on em!! baahhh.. :s
OH! So here at the MTC when we have Sacrament meetings... They call 2
people out of the zone (about 60 of us or so) .. to give a talk:) ..
yayyyy:) haha.. and they call right immediately before you go up and
give it... It's only a 3-5 minute talk or so, so not anything bad!
Buuuuuuuuuut ya:) of course I was called to speak yesterday! .. the
topic was on enduring to the end. .. I had basically given them my
thoughts on how important it is not only for us to Endure to the End.
... But to help our investigators do so as well. ... that it wasn't all
just about a number,.. or becoming buddy buddy with them ... But that we
needed to think of their Eternal life, .. and not just their baptism.
.. I also had a thought from the mission prep teacher (Nate Wilder) when
preparing this talk. .. he had made a comment to our class and it went
along well with the talk! (hope you don't mind Nate).. Basically he
had just said how so many missionaries do SO well for their 18 month - 2
year service, and then come home and think, " Well Good job! I'm going
to pat myself on the back now. .. I've worked REally hard these past 2
years or so .... i think i deserve a break!. " .... NOOOOOOOOOo... That
is exactly what Satan WANTS you to think! .... .. We must Endure to the
END!!... Do not spend another moment of your life (especially after
doing so well).. Do not spend it Idly (sp) .. So I challenged all of the
missionaries, including myself,.. To make a goal now, and before we go
home after our missions to Stay Strong! ... Just because we're not going
to be on missions afterwards, does not mean that we cannot have the
spirit with us at all times! .. and that we can't be missionaries in our
everyday lives. . ... And if we Truly have that desire to stay strong
after our missions and do not want to go back to the old way of things
again,.. God Will help us! ... But we must have the desire and we must
be willing to work for it!.. But God will pave the way for us..
So today was temple day!! .. It was wonderful. ... The First week we
were here the temple was closed and then the second week my companion
was sick. .. So last week was our first trip! It was aaaamazing!!...
And then today my poor companion wasn't feeling well again, so we had to
leave partway through ... But Hopefully these next 4 weeks that we have
to go she will be in good health, so that we can enjoy the wonderful
blessings that the temple has to offer us and to others.
Sooo the language is COMING!!.. My companion and I actually just gave
our FIRST Lesson to our investigator IN MALAY!!.. WITHOUT
NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... (we had a small notecard with scriptures haha..
but still!!! )) It was SOOOOO so huge for us!!..HUMUNGO!.. it went
WONDerfully too!!...
It is truly amazing to me how the Lord is willing to help you when you
put effort forth on your part, and have Faith! ...
I hope all is well familia and Friends.. I love you ALL!!.. May you
strive to live every day of your life to the fullest and with a smile
upon your face, no matter what the situation.
love Forever and always,
Sister Brooke Blauer=)
Some Spiritual Quotes and thoughts down below that I have acquired
throughout the past week....
- People will know who THEY are, because we know who WE are!
- Scriptures are referred to as the Book of Remembrance .. they help us
remember what we once knew.
- Push through when things are hard,.. but even more so when they are
easy!!.. (do not become idle)
This Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. .. I know with my Whole heart and
soul. .. I would not be Giving myself to the Lord for the next year and
a half... straining to understand a language.. getting up at 6:30 every
morning!.. if i didn't know that this was Christ's Church on the earth
today. .. I know the Scriptures are true.. They give us so much
guidance and direction in our lives.. for comfort,.. answering of
prayers,.. Revelation of where we came from, why we're here, and where
we are going. .. And they give us another Testimony of the Life of Jesus
Christ, and his Atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world!.. so that
we may all repent and come unto Him, .. so that we may be able to live
with Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven Again.

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