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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1st Letter

KELUARGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
APA KHABAR!?!?!?!?!? .... SORRY It's taken me so long to email you!!!!
.. Our Pday isn't til tuesday!! .... :( .... SO! ... HEre goes
nothing! ... I'll try and not miss a detail!!... I haaaave like 15-20
So hopefully you got my letter by now! ... I found my toothbrush covers
so don't worry about that anymore!!
Saya Rakan (My companion) Her name is Sister Summer Ballentyne!!.. She
is from Caldwell, Idaho. She is Wonderful! .. She's a sweetheart.
And all 6 of us girls girls going to Singapore are in the same room! Got
here and leaving here the same day!...It'll be INcredible!.. They're all
awesome! I was going to upload pictures but apparently you can't upload
pictures here... :((((( ... So I'll try and print some out next pday
cause today the place is closed since it's pioneer day..
The Language issssss Oh my word... it's crazy! ... So after getting
dropped of curbside at the MTC at 12:40... I went through a few quick
check in things and then STRAIGht to the classroom! and my teachers were
talking to me and malay and I was like..... ,.......... whAAaaaaaaaa ??
:s .................... haha.. It was HILarious!!.... They wouldn't
even speak to us in ENglish, I felt like such an idiot haha. .. But I
wasn't alone! My district (classroom of 8 elders and 4 sisters) Were
all Crazy confused!!!! ... It was insane. .. But such a blast! .. I
love my District too! They're amazing! .. Thus far we've had to matching
days hahaha. .. So on Thursday we all wore red and yesterday we all wore
green cause our teacher Brother Horman wanted to partake in the matching
unity as well!! haha I'll be sending pictures of that too. ...
BY the way... thank you SOOO so incredible much for the Dear Elder
letters through out the week and the cookies!!! OH My goodness....
People were not kidding when they said it was wonderful to receive
MAIL!!!.... My word. ... I loved it. .. haha MY ENTIRE
DISTRICT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loves mom now for those Chocolate TRuffle COokies
hahaha. .. you're an angel mama:)
The food here isn't bad! I don't know what everyone was talking about?
I like it! haha And they have a line where you can get spinach salads
too! :p ....
By the way!.... I am SO glad to hear that the Lawson's enjoyed my
painting! .. They was a relief! haha.. I hope they weren't just saying
that lol. .. ... Also, what art gallery were us students in again? I
forgot what it's called... someone wants to know. .....
By the way, will you pay my tithing on the painting please papa? ..
also! Can you keep me updated on how much is in my checking? .. I don't
think I can check that here....
Also! will you send my farewell talk pleeease? =)
mom, you were right.......................................... i TOTALLY
should of brought a Lint roller :p haha.
And what was that bag of air all about?? .. I couldn't even read the
handwriting! lol.
So they say if you make it Til The First sunday then you can make it the
rest of the mission..... WAHOOOOO!!!.. i CAN DO ITT!!! MALAYSIA
BOLEH!!!! (Malaysia can)
So on Sunday they had a devotional and we sang, Come Come Ye Saints.
....... The Spirit was INCREDIBLY STRONG! ... It was the Tabernacle
choir version!!.. (love that version) All who haven't heard it,...
Listen to it!.... The words are SO true and So inspirational.
Well Family, I"M alive! I LOVE IT here. .. The SPIRIT is INCREDIBLE! ...
The Lord has already blessed me in more ways than I can count! ....... I
love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... p.s. .. I better get a Dear Elder letter
from you this WEek Conor, or you will be in trouble! =)
Kasih kamu!!!!..
Injil-nya adalah benar!!! :))))

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